A Collection Of Designs (ACOD) has partnered with EBD Inc, makers of Elizabeth Bradley needlepoint kits, and Kirk and Bradley painted canvases, to continue and expand our popular range of painted needlepoint designs.

The best news of this new partnership is we will be much more available to you going forward. We look forward to partnering with shops for monthly trunk shows and seeing you at trade shows throughout the year! Happy Stitching!

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My Story

For me, needlepoint is not about the finished product but about the creative journey. A needlepoint design is just paint on a flat surface until it is brought to life with beautiful fibers and inspired stitches. Every person that picks up a canvas and starts stitching becomes an artist creating a one of a kind heirloom.

My goal is to provide the highest quality needlepoint designs available that will inspire you to become that artist.

How it all began…

As the song goes, it has been a long and winding road that has brought A Collection of Designs to its 23rd anniversary. My love affair with needlepoint began in college when I discovered a yarn shop near campus that offered needlepoint classes. One class and I was hooked! That’s when I started dreaming of owning a needlepoint shop.

Fast forward 15 years to The Needle Works in Austin, TX. My best friend Jean and I became the new owners of this charming little 450 sq. ft. needlepoint shop in the 26 Doors shopping center in central Austin.

Six years later, Jean and I sold The Needle Works, and I moved to California where A Collection of Designs was born. With only a handful of designs, I attended my first cash & carry market September 1992 in Phoenix, AZ. Then came the big leap of faith, joining TNNA and having a booth at the 1993 Anaheim winter trade show. With a lot of help from other vendors and patient shop owners, A Collection of Designs has flourished, growing from 66 designs to over 3,000.

My goal is to continue providing quality hand painted designs for many years to come.

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